Ruta con niños en Laguardia

Game-tour for kids

They will begin their visit at the meeting point.

The children will complete the tour in an hour and a half accompanied by a supervisor. They will be handed a sheet of paper with all of the information, including a map of the trail and detailed instructions of the tasks and games they are to participate in. In the meantime, parents will be visiting Laguardia and its wine cellars. Both activities will conclude on the same spot, so that parents and children join together for the last part of the tour.

During the two hours, visitors will learn about the history of the town of Laguardia since its foundation. They will visit the church of Santa María de los Reyes, and participate in the process of making mosto (grape juice) as well as enjoy a stroll along the Paseo del Collado with a few activities. ¿Who is Félix de Samaniego? Reading of fables.

Final drawing: What have you liked the most about Laguardia?

It is an educational tour, where in children are able to participate actively.

Starting six years old